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Griffin – Powerblock Wall Charger 10w – Black


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Griffin PowerBlock Universal Wall Charger Adapter With Charge Sensor Most chargers are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach; they don’t support the requirements of individual devices. Griffin ChargeSensor technology senses the charging requirements of any device plugged into it, and adapts itself to that device. The result is a single, truly universal AC charger that provides optimum charging for all USB-chargeable devices. Griffin’s PowerBlock Universal charger sports a low profile that plays well in power strips and plugs, and travels well in luggage. PowerBlock accepts any AC power source, from 100 to 240 volts, converting it to safe, efficient charging for smartphones and tablets. Its universal Type A USB socket is ready to accept a device’s USB charging cable. Product Features:AC wall charger for all USB-chargeable devices, including smartphones and tabletsAutomatically senses the charging requirements of almost any device plugged into itDelivers up to 10 watts of charging power needed for e-readers and tabletsPlugs into any 100 to 240 volt AC outletUSB Type A socket works with device’s USB charging cable


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