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Nite Ize – Steelie Orbiter Vent Mount Kit – Silver And Black


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Nite Ize – Steelie Orbiter Vent Mount KitThe Steelie Orbiter Vent Mount Kit takes hands-free to the next level by combining a portable Vent Mount, powerful Orbiter Magnetic Socket, and a low-profile metal plate that easily attaches to a phone or case. The Vent Mount can be moved from car to car by simply unlocking the strong cam lever, then locking it back in place on the next vehicle vent. The Orbiter Magnetic Socket attaches to the Vent Mount using a powerful neodymium magnet and silicone center for a secure connection and smooth glide. The mounting surface of the Orbiter Magnetic Socket features a thin high-friction ring that prevents slipping and ensures a phone stays securely in place. Simply adhere the low-profile metal plate to a phone or case, attach the Vent Mount to a vehicle vent, and itand#8217;s ready to quickly attach, detach, and rotate a phone for the perfect viewing angle.Product Features:Steelie Vent Mount has a cast aluminum body and cam locking lever that securely grips most vehicle ventsOrbiter Magnetic Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet for a secure hold between the Vent Mount and metal plateSilicone center of Orbiter Magnetic Socket and vent ball shape allow smooth adjustment and rotation for the perfect viewing angleBy combining magnetic strength with a unique high-friction phone-docking surface, phones stay confidently attached to the Orbiter magnetic phone mounting systemOrbiter Magnetic Socket is compatible with all Steelie mountsLow-profile metal plate attaches to phone or case using 3M 300LSE adhesive


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